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  • Common Cranes | Mysite

    Common Cranes Thousands of common cranes folks stayed in the Hula valley in northern Israel for the winter season In their way as part of the season migration. To avoid and decrease the damage by the cranes to the agricultural fields, the authorities initiated the "Crane Project", feeding them and provide corn in some specific area called the Agamon . Return to top

  • Fire Zone | Mysite

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  • Seascape | Mysite

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  • Faces of Jerusalem | Mysite

    Faces of Jerusalem Return to top

  • Judean Desert | Mysite

    Judean Desert Return to top

  • Faith | Mysite

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  • Olive trees | Mysite

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  • Urbanic moments | Mysite

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  • Burning of Chametz | Mysite

    Burnning of Chametz WOn the morning before Passover, before the fifth hour, all Jewish people burn all the chametz (leaven bread) that was found during the search, and anything that was left over from breakfast and not stored with the chametz that will be sold to the non-Jew. In the Ultra-orthodox of Bne-Brak, the burning taken place in the main streets. Return to top Return

  • Hilulot Tzadikim | Mysite

    Hilulot Tzadikim Hilula is a traditional mystic ritual for a righteous person for his death anniversary. Anchor 1 Return to top Return

  • Abandoned | Mysite

    Abandoned Return to top Return

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