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    Pumpkin mens Assumption of Mary Wheat Harvest Samaritans Hilulat Tzadikim Sukot faces of Jerusalem Ipmression Spiders Desert Floods Urban faces Conservation Grazing UltraOrthodox demonstration Lost in space Citrus city Abandoned Agriculture Starling Birds Clouds Misty views Autumn in Paris Common Cranes Flora Olive Trees Urbanic moments Quirks Kapparot Seascaoe Fire Zone Patterns Dead Sea Trees Judean Desert Soutern Israel Israeli Landscape Singles

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    Samaritans Samaritans, the old Jewish community live at mount Gerizim, near the city of Nablus. They celebrate and keep the tradition of the Jews holidays as described in the Torah.In eve of Passover they hold the annual Passover sacrify ceremony, an old Biblical tradition - every family sacrifice a sheep at eve of Passover ceremony. At the dawn of Shavuot holiday, they pray and celebrate the giving of the Torah Return to top

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    Pumpkin mens Thai workers collecting pumpkins, central Israel Return Return to top Return

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    Spiders Mlilliones of Tetragnatha niten s spiders gathering and lurking for mosquitos. Treated waste water, rich in organic sustances creating ideal conditions for an uncontrolled reproduction of mosquitos. The plentiful food enable the spiders to be reproduced in huge numbers. During the autumn season, huge curtains of cobwebs cover the vegetation along Sorek creek, near Jerusalem, Israel. Return to top Return