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  • Kapparot | Mysite

    Kappaorot Return to top Return

  • Urban faces | Mysite

    Urban faces Return to top Return

  • Olive trees | Mysite

    Olive trees Return to top Return

  • Bio | Mysite

    BIO Details Exhibitions Awards Contact Me ​

  • UltraOrthodox demonstration | Mysite

    Ultra-Orthodox Demonstartion Return to top Return

  • Citrus City | Mysite

    Abandoned Citrus City In central Israel, for 100 years ago, citrus groves were planted and packing houses were common. Well houses and storage buildings were constructed. Over the years the buildings were abandoned, and today, following environmental development, their disappearing ruins can be seen in the area between Rehovot and Ness Ziona Return Return to top Return

  • Impression | Mysite

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  • Samaritans | Mysite

    Samaritans Samaritans, the old Jewish community live at mount Gerizim, near the city of Nablus. They celebrate and keep the tradition of the Jews holidays as described in the Torah.In eve of Passover they hold the annual Passover sacrify ceremony, an old Biblical tradition - every family sacrifice a sheep at eve of Passover ceremony. At the dawn of Shavuot holiday, they pray and celebrate the giving of the Torah Return to top

  • Regeneration | Mysite

    Regeneration R esilience - Power of nature A month after a wildfire raged near Jerusalem moutains, a new generation grew under burnt "Arbutus" trunks Hope is one of the most important lessons nature teaches us. Hope for regeneration. Hope of a new beginning. Return to top Return

  • Judean Desert | Mysite

    Judean Desert Return to top

  • Pumpkin mens | Mysite

    Pumpkin mens Thai workers collecting pumpkins, central Israel Return Return to top Return

  • Dead Sea | Mysite

    Dead Sea Return to top

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